The Meaning of Rose Colors

abington floristWith Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, it’s time to pre-order your flower arrangements!  Here’s a guide to understanding the meaning of each color rose. Choose the appropriate color and spread Valentine’s Day cheer!

Red. Love and passion; power and strength; courage and respect. Send red roses to your significant other, husband, wife, or partner. A bouquet of deep red roses expresses your deep passion for them.

Light Pink. Innocense and femininity; friendship and kindness; peace and joy. Send light pink roses to celebrate the birth of a baby girl. You might also send pale pink roses as a symbol of breast cancer awareness, or to a breast cancer survivor.

Dark Pink. Gratitude and appreciation. Send deep pink roses to show thanks. Whether you are thanking a friend for their help with your move, or recognizing your mother-in-law for her thoughtfulness, dark pink roses show your gratitude.

Orange. Desire and sensuality. Send fiery orange roses to symbolize heat in romance. They are reminiscent of basking in the warmth of a summer sunset. Send orange roses if it’s your first Valentine’s Day with your new girlfriend, or as a way to express your feelings to a girl you want to be more than just your friend.

Brown. Ease and comfort. If you have the urge to send flowers to your man, brown roses are manly enough to not weird him out. Avoid sending them to the office, though, as receiving roses may still embarrass him a bit.

Yellow. Warmth and healing; confidence and trust; lightness and gaiety. Do you have a friend who doesn’t have a Valentine?  Send her a bouquet of yellow roses to make sure she knows your friendship is important to her.

Purple. Majesty and dignity; ambition and success; relaxation and enchantment.  Send these blooms to celebrate accomplishments, such as graduation.

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